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Servo Warning:

Case 1) Please ensure that the servo is properly adjusted and that no binding will occur.  Ensure that the end point adjustments have been done correctly, do not over exert the servo past the control surface limitation, any binding can result in damage to the servo. Because of the high torque output, over exerting the servo will result in damage to the motor or PCB.  Most cases occur with throttle servo.

Case 2)

Please assure that your servo’s neutral position is properly adjusted prior to connecting it to a control surface.

Improper settings may cause damage or failure to servos.

Damage may occur when servos which are improperly adjusted are connected to the same control surface.

Due to the high torque of the servos, it is possible for them to burn out due to conjoined servos trying to return to different neutral positions.


All of our servos are tested at the factory prior to shipping.

We offer a warranty for any and all factory defects and malfunctions.

However, we do not cover for user error or misuse.

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