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8.4V servo, good with Lipo 2s Li-Fe 2s battery set up

[Control Signal Type] PWM or Xbus


[Stall Torque]

17.0 kgf-cm (8.4V) / 236.1 oz-in (8.4V)


0.10 Sec/60° (8.4V)


64 g / 2.12 oz


40 x 20 x 39 mm / 1.57 x 0.79x 1.57 in

[Length of lead harness]


[Operating Voltage]

4.5V - 8.4V


■XBUS Programmable

■Coreless motor■Full metal gear■Heat sink case■Double ball bearing

■Neutral : 1500usec

E555 HV XBUS Programmable Servo

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