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Gyro for Helicopter

TAGS Mini V5.1 Additional new features. (Mainly three items) #1 In former manual, we have used the terms of "Flight Mode". But from now on, in order to avoid some confusions, we would like to use the word as "Condition"

In this new version, we will have total three(3) conditions. "Normal" and "Stunt" these are the only two conditions we had in previous versions. Now we have added "EXTRA"this will be additional condition. Say, if you are flying for F3C, you may be using "Normal" as static maneuver, "Stunt" for acrobatic maneuver, So now you have "EXTRA" condition you could use it for Auto rotation landing. or which ever application you may want to use for this additional condition.

#2 Comply with 760micro sec Operating frequencies for Swash servos. Some of the radio manufacturer offers 760msec servo. Not only on the tail rudder servo, we now comply with Swash servos as well.

#3 Optimization for Tail Rudder parameter Control. It is more precise, and agile of the control on parameter setup.

Note: We have already released the Software for TAGS mini 3axis gyro system however, we do apologize for the delay in making of the instruction manual for TAGS Mini adding with new feature and G-Tune Parameter editor's manual. Basic set up has not being changed so, I believe most of the pilots are familiar with adjustment. It should be intuitive for those pilots being used on G-Tune set up.

We will release the supplementary manual as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patient.

Happy flying!

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