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Nick Maxwell and JR Propo was developing the servo to maximize its performance.

Finally it’s here!

It comes with 25T and 760 uS as factory set up of the servo. you can change it to 1500 uS with our servo programmer.


[Stall Torque]   

21 kgs  (6.0V) / 25.9 kgs  (7.4V) / 29.0 kgs (8.4V)kg・cm

291.6 oz (6.6V) / 359.7 oz (7.4V) / 408.3 oz (8.4V)oz・in


0.11 (6.0V) / 0.10 (7.4V) / 0.09 (8.4V) Sec/60°


76 g /  2.68 oz


35 x 20 x 40.5 mm / 1.38 x 0.79x 1.59 in

[Length of lead harness]


[Operating Voltage]

4.5V - 8.5V


 Neutral, endpoint,gain etc(Works with PWM XBUS)120°150°180°(Works with PWM   XBUS)Synchronize(Works with PWM XBUS)
■Super steel full metal gear(Gear B brass)
■wide valtage
■BIG upperl ball bearing (12x6) bottom(10x6)

■Special desigen Brushress motor


You can adjust gains values by JR TX or our servo programmer .

Stock setting is already good, but you can get more tweak it to suit your flight style.



S89CYC 2K NM for HELI SWASH Cyclic 25T

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