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S8911BL 2K with linear hall sensor


With the combination of a “linear hall sensor” and the legendary “S8911BL 2K” , the S8911 BL 2k LS will give you a smoother feel.

It is a perfect all-around servo for many applications.

Durability is also improved.


[Stall Torque]

47.1kgs (6.6V) / 52.9kgs (7.4V) / 60.0kgs (8.4V)kg・cm

654.7oz (6.6V) / 734.0oz (7.4V) / 833.2oz (8.4V)oz・in


0.15 (6.6V)/0.13 (7.4V)/0.11 (8.4V) Sec/60°


86.0 g / 3.03 in


35 x 20 x 41.5 mm / 1.38 x 0.79x 1.634 in

[Length of lead harness]


[Operating Voltage]

4.5V - 8.5V


Neutral, endpoint,gain etc(Works with PWM XBUS)120°150°180°(Works with PWM XBUS)Synchronize(Works with PWM XBUS)■Super steel full metal gear(Gear B brass)■wide voltage■BIG upper ball bearing (12x6) bottom(10x6)

■Special design Brushress motor

S8911BL 2K Linear Sensor

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