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What’s new at JRPROPO


We at JRPROPO are working hard to develop new products that will stay consistent with the changing technology within our RC Hobby.  JRPROPO is owned and operated by modelers and utilizes this in all its product introductions. We do not rely on accountant’s sitting behind a keyboard telling us what to do!



            New and updated current servos, receivers, and transmitters: 

We have modified our manufacturing process to allow for faster speed, response time and reliability. This is designated in our 2K updates.  This gives you a “locked-in” feel like you have not experienced before.  With utilizing the use of gyros, we have adapted our firmware to allow your gyro and model to fly at its best with a faster signal/response time.



JRPROPO has always led the pack in servo technology.  Not being satisfied, we’re constantly developing new/faster servos with the latest 2K software as well as hybrid gear trains to allow for a faster response time as increased torque.  This promotes longer life to the servo and gear train.  You will see what we’re talking about the first time you operate one of the new servos.  Certain previously released servos can be updated with the 2K firmware easily by sending them to our service center, or to DFA.


            Connection to your model:

JRPROPO has always had the best TX/RX link available.  Never being satisfied, we have made improvements to new products that will give you the confidence to fly anywhere/anytime.   We understand your model is valuable to you and want to assure you that you will always stay connected.   This, as well as ease of programming are our two primary targets for any new products we introduce.


            Servo Synchronization for our XBUS and PWM servos:

This allows for multiple servos on a control surface to work as a single unit.  Perfect resolution matching and speed allows for longer servo and gear train life. This also allows receivers with less channels, to be easily set up.


            Future Radio Systems:

Our radio systems are in constant development, with a new flagship radio soon to be released.  This system will have all the newest technology developments we have been introducing, as well as a new case design and touch screen software.  Some of the advancements will filter down to the other radios in the line.  A release date has not been determined yet but look for it in the coming months.


We wanted to keep you up to speed on what we are working on and appreciate your continued business.  


            Thank you for your time!

            The JRPROPO Staff

If  you need technical help,please contact us, at info@deeforce.net or service@deeforce.net.

*Note: Due to unavailability of parts and liability concerns, JR Propo Service Center is not able to perform service on DSM, DSM2, DSMX, or earlier transmitter models.

​Manuals are available on this site.