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During this Pandemic situation we find ourselves in, we at JR PROPO/DFA hope you’re safe, healthy, and are getting to spend time with family while you’re “social distancing”.


We’ve seen on social media that the modeling community is taking this opportunity to finish, start, or modify projects that have been on the “back burner” so to speak.   


Through all this, we are doing everything in our power to assure the spread of the virus is minimized and contained.  As you may be aware, many of the hobby industry products are produced where the virus originated.  We want to assure you again, that we’ve taken every precaution to makes sure that our products are virus free during production as well as shipping.  


The majority of our products are produced in Japan where we can maintain a better grasp on the production process.   Changes have been made in our production process by sourcing the small percentage of items not produced in Japan to areas not or minimally affected by the virus. 


The goal for this is simple:    (1) We want to assure that we’ve done everything in our power in this battle we’re faced with and (2) when the battle is over we want to assure our customers that we’ve done what we can to keep inventory and supplies in stock, so you’ll be able to fly those projects you’ve worked so hard on during this situation.


Again, we hope all is well with you and your family and we look forward to getting our lives, work, and of course our hobby back to normal.    Let’s hope it’s a short time before we see everybody again!


Thank you,


If  you need technical help,please contact us, at info@deeforce.net or service@deeforce.net.

​Manuals are available on this site.

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