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Wing Serov "DS189HV" with “Another style upper case.”
You will be able to use 2style mount.

*Standard mount lug top case included

[Torque] 53.3@6.0v / 59.7@7.4v oz-in

             3.5 (6.0V)/4.3 (7.4V) kg・cm
[Speed] 0.20 (6.0V)/0.16 (7.4V) Sec/60°
[Dimensions] 1.14x0.43x1.18in / 29 x 11 x 30mm
[Weight] 0.485lb / 0.78oz / 22g
[Wire Length] 50mm
[Voltage Range] 6.0V-8.5V

  • Metal Gear
  • With Ball Bearing (dual)

Wing Servo DS189HV 11mm with another style upper case

SKU: 2159
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