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[Torque] 6.9(6.6V)/ 7.8(7.4V)/ 8.8(8.4V)kg・cm
[Speed] 0.11(6.6V)/0.10(7.4V)/ 0.09(8.4V)Sec/60°
[size] 29×11×30mm
[weight] 25.5g
[wire length] 60mm
[operation voltage] 4.5V-8.5V


■XBUS 2kHz/PWM 333Hz

■programmable Neutral, endpoint,gain etc(Works with PWM XBUS)120°150°180°(Works with PWM XBUS)Synchronize(Works with PWM XBUS)

■Super steel full metal gear(Gear B brass)

■Wide valtage

■ upperl ball bearing (10x6) bottom(10x6)

■Special desigen creless motor
■coreless motor
■full metal gear
■full metal case
■angle setting:120°/180°(150° can be set by XBUS SERVO PROGRAMMER)

S1855 2K Servo 10mm wing servo SYNC

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