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A full-range receiver that is only a little larger than a postage stamp!

RG012BX LIGHT is a reduced version of RG012BX without the port for connecting a satellite receiver.
It is ideal for use on small helicopters and gliders.



  • With DMSS, cross modulation is restricted. This high sensitivity receiver is not easily affected by inter-modulationinterference.
  • The telemetry system is capable of feeding back information such as receiver battery voltage.
  • Brand new receiver diversity antenna system gives bullet proof signal reception like never before. These antennas are also used for synchronized transmission of telemetry data, providing improved signal back to your transmitter
  • It is possible to confirm receiver operation by way of LED's.
  • EZ BIND System is integrated.


<Specification >

Poduct Name:RG012BX 
Receiving System:DMSS 2.4GHz
Weight:0.21oz / 6.0 g
Dimensions::0.7 x 1.14 x 0.45 in / 18 x12x28.5 mm
Operation Voltage:4.5 - 8.5 V
Note:Full range・Diversity system
Coaxial antenna (Antenna : 25 mm / Coaxial : 105mm)


[ Manual ]

RG012BX LIGHT Xbus only infinity

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