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Upper wing width: 1740 mm

Lower wing width: 1630 mm

Total wing area: 84 dm2

Length: 1789 mm

weight: 6 kg ~


Rate                                                          high rate                low rate

Elevator, both upper and lower wing:         41 mm                   25 mm

laddar:                                                       64 mm                  38 mm

Aileron, upper wing:                                   28 mm                  16 mm

Aileron, lower wing:                                    28 mm                  16 mm

Calculated by using Super Horn 20 mm


You could probably install upto 50cc two stroke.


There are no instructions included with the unit.

There will be instructional pictures online.

We do not recommend for non-experienced builders, it may be very difficult to assemble.

** Please ask about shipping costs before purchasing, we may require additional shipping charges(the difference from the shiping cost caluculated by our automated system).

Our supplier is a licensed manufacturer of this product.


Shipping dimension and weight:

51 x 21 x 15

20 lbs

Dee Force Pitts C-3112

  • Shipping from our warehouse (CA) to the east coast costs approximately $170 Actual shipping costs will vary on a case by case basis.

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