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Top wing width: 1740 mm

Bottom wing width: 1630 mm

Total wing area: 84 dm2

Length: 1789 mm

weight: 6 kg ~


Rate                     high rate                low rate

Elevator top:         48 mm                   35 mm

Elevator bottom:   41 mm                   25 mm

laddar:                  64 mm                  16 mm

Aileron top:           29 mm                  16 mm

Aileron bottom:     29 mm                  16 mm

Calculated by using Super Horn 20 mm


There is no instruction to go with the unit.

There will be instruction pictures online.

We do not recommend to non-experienced builder, it would be very difficult to assemble.

** Please ask shipping charge before purchasing, we would have to ask additional shipping charge(the difference from the actual shiping cost).


Our supplier is a licensed manufacturer of this products.


shipping dimension and weight:

51 x 21 x 15

20 lbs

Dee Force Eagle C-5916

  • Shipping from our warehouse (CA) to the east coast costs approximately $100 Actual shipping costs will vary on a case by case basis.

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