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It comes with:2 satellite receivers1 E-switch and 1 CV1 cable.There are 11 PWM/XBus ports.You can switch between PWM/Xbus by rebounding the receiver.11BPX Pro ports can become all XBus ports, therefore CV1 cable was included in the package for throttle(PWM usage).


This system with 11 pcs output ports using DMSS 2.4GHz technology.

Dual Battery System

Two (DMSS)RA03TL Sub Receivers included

Power switch included (E-Switch Adapter)

A highly efficient system that monitors voltage and manages the power supply between batteries in a balanced manner to prevent biases in power consumption.

Easy Bind System




Dimensions: 1.57 x 2.99 x 0.65 inches (40 x 76 x 16.5 mm)Weight: 0.25oz / 6.95gOperating Voltage: under 12.6VModulation: DMSS 2.4GHzSignal Output Ports : 11 ports(PWM or XBUS)



the transmitter needs to be Xbus A mode to operate the receiver.


[ Manual Download ]

11BPX Pro w/RA03 (XT60)

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