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Kim Quenette

Aviation is in my blood and some of my best memories are me and my dad at the end of the runway at the airport watching airplanes land and take off back in Israel where I’m from.

I absolutely love anything that fly so  safe to say it is in my blood. I got involved in RC when I was 10 years old as something to do with my dad and soon enough it became a passion and took over my life.

I remember watching JAS, Hyde, Le Roux and Quique flying at the TOC days and wishing that one day I can fly like them. After moving into the US in 2004 and getting involved in IMAC was the right path to improve my flying skills and I knew that competing in Tucson Aerobatic Shootout at a competitive level was the first step to where I wanted to be.

Since then I have ventured into jets, helis and other aspects of the hobby and I am happy to say it has allowed me travel around the world and compete at the highest level.

Now a day the daily routine consists of work, working on planes and sleep as preparation for whatever event we got coming.


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