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Jim Smith

Name:  James (Jim) Smith  

Location: Sacramento, California

Years of flying Experience: 20

Some Brief Highlights:

I have competed in racing, primarily Reno Style Warbird Racing for many years and am currently participating at the Gold Level.  Also participate in a local club series called the SAM "Outlaws" and have won the yearly series on multiple seasons.  

I enjoy all forms of flight but lean towards WW2 fighter aircraft as my primary passion whether it be racing or scale.

I have flown JR Propo radios since 1999 starting with my first radio a JR 622.  Currently I fly the DFA T44 radio pictured below and love it for its great "feel" and incredible flexibility. I currently have multiple planes on DMSS using standard servo configurations, but I am slowly buiding up a number of DMSS/Xbus aircraft and currently have two planes that are 100 percent Xbus.  I am extremely excited for the future of JR Propo and love to help pilots who have questions regarding JR product (others also, just not as great a love).

I currently also serve as an officer for the local club I belong too, I am a AMA Life member, and run a monthly race at my local field (19th year and counting).

When not flying I and my wife enjoy spending time with our two boys who are active in youth competitive soccer.


Jim Smith 


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