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Jerry Ruscheinski

I have been involved with  RC Planes since I was 18 years old and Control Line before that at the age of 11. For the last 5 years have flown pattern and currently fly F3A. In 2009 I was introduced to Imac and attended our first contest in the Seattle area, as Imac was nonexistent  in the Vancouver area or in Western Canada. We had a small group of us that enjoyed flying the 50cc - 100cc Aerobatic Planes but needed some guidance and  structure in our flying habits other than 3D and burning a hole in the sky. I was very persistent and got involved in Imac, joined Imac, became ARD for British Columbia and developed our Western Canada "BorderLine Imac Team", I have many fond memories. I still have a few of my local flying buddies that still fly Imac in the Northwest and will join them again in the coming years. Lastly I would like to thank Frank and JRPROPO for allowing me to be a part of a Great Team in 2019.


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