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Garrett Morrison

I have been flying RC since the age 12. Grandfather started me of with a trainer for a Christmas present and from that day on I was hooked. The people in this hobby have been amazing and I believe RC has guided me into who I am today. My main aspects of the hobby are IMAC and Freestyle/3D flying. I was one of the early 3D/Freestyle pilots and pushed the flying into new levels along with some of the other pioneers. Building scratch built 40% Sukhois’s that we’re doing things no other aircraft could do. From there I gained interest in IMAC and have flown in the Unlimited class for well over 20 years. I also enjoy many other aspects of the hobby. Scale, Racing, funflys, and just hanging out with friends. When I am not flying RC you can find me out Wake boarding, Snowboarding, Hunting, Jet skiing, Dirt biking, or working on my full scale Cessna that I fully restored. I live in Lodi California, 36 years old, and my career is Firefighting. I am happy to be part of Team JR ProPo DFA. If you see me at the field come say hello. I am always willing to help no matter what equipment you choose to fly.


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