Stall torque:・8.4V 25.0 kgf・cm・7.4V 22.0 kgf・cm・6.6V 19.6 kgf・cm

                        ・8.4V 347.2 oz・in・7.4V 336.6 oz・in・6.6V 272.2 oz・in

Speed:・8.4V 0.10 sec/60°・7.4V 0.11 sec/60°・6.6V 0.13 sec/60°

Weight: 62 g / 2.19 oz



Control frequency : XBUS 2kHz/PWM 333Hz

Dimension: 36.5×19×40mm

Cable length: 300mm

Operational voltage:  4.5V~8.5V


Programmable coreless servo

■XBUS programmable

■Titanium and Iron hybrid gear

■metal upper case &bottom heat sink case

■wide operational voltage(recommend 7.4V)

■double ball bearing

■angle:120°/150°/180°※servo horns not included

S8455SS 2K servo


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