JR - JRP03451 - RA01L DMSS Antenna Mod Short-Range Telemetry/Full Range Coax Antenna
JR® Dual Modulation Spectrum System (DMSS) 2.4GHz protocol offers a secure radio link that combines DSSS and FHSS capabilities into a wide-band transmission system that includes high-speed response and high resistance against RF noise. Another outstanding benefit is the JR bi-directional DMSS communication system and the real-time telemetry information it delivers. Receiver voltage telemetry is standard with every DMSS receiver, and add-on sensors will give you real time feedback of information from your model such as the RPM of an aircraft propeller or helicopter rotor blades, temperature and altimeter readings. Telemetry modules from JR for the DMSS systems have a dual purpose and are available for various applications offering bi-directional communication of telemetry information, plus increased signal path diversity when placed apart from the standard dual coaxial antenna equipped on the main receiver unit. When short range telemetry communication is acceptable for the benefit of a savings in weight, the DMSS RA01C and RA01L remote antenna/telemetry modules are an excellent choice. The RA01C utilizes a surface mounted chip antenna for uncluttered simple installation. The RA01L is equipped with a coax antenna for demanding installations allowing the 31mm antenna end to be positioned for best RF performance.