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Ignition kill switch and regulator for gasoline (petrol) engines.
The power supply can be turned on and off from the transmitter. So the ignition can be turned on prior to engine start, and turned off to stop the engine.
Provides a stable power supply to your ignition unit.
By using the fail safe, it is possible to automatically kill the engine if RF signal is lost for more than five seconds.
This is a hybrid device, compatible with both XBus & PWM protocols.
A 5mm LED can be installed in the fuselage, giving an ignition on or off indication.
The pulse signal can be visibly checked referring to the LED on the unit.

●Product Number:TLS1-ISW
●Size:15 x 25 x 47mm
●Operating Voltage:4.0V - 8.5V

Kill Swich
●Input voltage:DC6.6V - 12.6V (LiPo 2S - 3S)
●Output voltage:DC 6.0V or 7.0V
* Voltage can be selected using a jumper plug.
6V is selected without the jumper installed.
●Current output::4.0A (continous)/5.0A (maximam)

Rotation Sensor
●Detection System:Motor pulse sensing system
●Detection range:500rpm-50,000rpm

[Product Contents]
●TLS1-ISW/Sensor Main Unit
●LED unit for monitor
●LED holder
●Connecting cablex3
●Jumper plug
●Operation Manual


Kill Switch with Rotation Sensor "TLS1-ISW"

SKU: J-03497