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3 units of servo only, no hardwares, no screws, no arms and no star washer.


Same as JR PROPO  "DS396(FBL-DS21)"

Torque:2.0 (4.8V)kg・cm

           2.78(4.8V)oz - in
Speed:0.16 (4.8V) sec/60°


[Wire Length] 200mm
[Normal-raded Voltage] 4.8V
[Voltage Range] 4.5-6.0V
· Metal Gears
· With Ball Bearing (1)

* Do not use this servo under the different voltage other than specified voltage (i.e.4.5V-6.0V)


Best servo for small EP airplane

Best servo for Forza450 swash

JR/DFA S396 Servo 3 units bulk combo DS396(FBL-DS21)


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