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Suggested Set up
Motor:BR2304 (1850kv)
ESC:SkyWarker 20A
Servo:Super micro Size (e.g. JR E397  x 3pcs) 
Prop:APC 8×3.8SF (2S LiPO)
※Recommended to fly with 3S Li-PO 650mAh
Receiver , Battery sold separately 


< Airplane Spec.  >

  • Wing Span : 32” (6mm EPP)
  • Weight - Approx. 175-195g
  • Motor : BR2304 (1850kv)
  • ESC- 15A – 20A
  • Servo : 7g-12g (JR S319 , E397,  ETC. )
  • Prop. 8×3.8SF(For 2S LiPO)、Prop: 9×4.7SF(For 3S LiPO) 
  • Suggested Battery : 2S / 3S  350mAh-800mAh


 [ Manual Download ]


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32" Extra JD (Red/Black) with 3 x E397 Digital Servo Combo Set

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