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[Stall Torque] 37.6 (4.8V)/51.7 (6.6V)/58.0 (7.4V)/65.8 (8.4V)kg・cm 522.4 (4.8V) / 718.4 (6.6V) / 805.4 (7.4V) / 914.3 (8.4V)oz・in

[Speed] 0.20 (4.8V)/0.15 (6.6V)/0.13 (7.4V)/0.11 (8.4V) Sec/60°

[Weight] 79 g / 2.79 in

[diemension] 35 x 20 x 40.5 mm / 1.38 x 0.79x 1.59 in

[Length of lead harness] 300mm

[Operating Voltage] 4.5V - 8.5V

■Super steel full metal gear(Gear B brass)
■wide valtage
■BIG upperl ball bearing (12x6) bottom(10x6)

■Special desigen Brushress motor


Almost same size as S8911 . Easy to fit ARF mount size. Because OLD JR design was 21mm but our new design is 20mm.
<Best setting for super light Airplanes 
Ex .3D airplanes IMAC airplanes . Jets and composite small control surface >
Holding +5
Dumping +20
Dead band 0
Boost +100 to 200
You can adjust by JR TX or Our New programmer .

Stock setting is OK. But you can get more good feelings if you adjust.

S8911 Brushless Servo