Toy 2M F3F Red/Black, Spread Tow

Full blown F3F machine shrunk down into a 2 meter package!

New for 2019 from CCM in Ukraine. The Toy 2m can slope, thermal, race, or just sport fly!  Available in two versions, spread tow (light) and standard carbon (hard). The spread tow version is lighter and suitable for light to medium slope lift. Swap out the 5 degree wing joiner for the 10 degree joiner and go hunt down some thermals!

The standard carbon Toy (hard) is heavier and stiffer and more suited for strong slope lift with max ballast loads. 

High level of prefabrication and quality second to none! The wings and fuselage have wire harnesses installed and carbon pushrods installed. Unique "solid core" style hinge line on all surfaces means you won't jam pesky epoxy wipers in top wings skins. If you want gap seals just use tape, really simple! Brass control horns pre-installed in wind surfaces and ball joints pre-installed in V-tails. 

Capable of taking 250 grams of brass ballast in the wings. 

We recommend the following servos-

  • Fuse- KST X08H V5
  • Ailerons- KST X08H V5 or X08H Plus
  • Flaps- Blue Bird 115HV or MKS 6110  ( X10 mini may fit but would be very tight!)


  • Length- 1153 mm 
  • Wing Span- 2000 mm
  • Wing Area-32.4 dm2
  • Wing Airfoil HN352 Mod
  • Tail Area- 3.72 dm2
  • Tail Airfoil HT08 Mod
  • 2 Sets of wing joiners, 5 degree and 10 degree
  • Ailerons, Flaps, Rudder, Elevator- 6 Channel control
  • Ballast capable, includes 4 brass slugs (250 g total)
  • All protective covers included


Empty parts weights (in grams)-

Spread Tow  600-630 grams 

  • Wings 210-218 each panel
  • Fuse 130-140 (with harness)
  • Canopy 4
  • Tail 10-13 each panel
  • Joiners 24-28 per joiner

Standard Carbon  825-890

  • Wings 310-330 each panel
  • Fuse 130-140 (with harness)
  • Canopy 4
  • Tail 15-18 each panel
  • Joiners 40-45 per joiner

Recommended Settings-

  • Speed 1 degree reflex
  • Thermal 1  4 degrees 
  • Thermal 2   6 degrees
  • CG- 85-90mm from LE



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