Sean Mersh

I have been flying RC and competing in pattern for over 40 years. I was born in Luxembourg, Europe and participated in four F3A World Championships as a member of the Luxembourgian team: USA (1971), Italy (73), Switzerland (75), and South Africa (79). I have been flying JR equipment exclusively for over 30 years now and am currently using the 28X with XBus receivers/servos (love that new XBusservo programmer!).

I moved to the US in 1980, joined the US Navy in 81, received my US citizenship in 86, and recently retired after 31 years in Naval Aviation maintenance. I moved to Medford, Oregon a few years ago.

- Served as the NSRCA District 7 VP from 2014 to 2016

- NSRCA Sequence Committee Chairman for the 2018/19 AMA Pattern sequences

- NSRCA D-8 Masters Champion 2017

- NSRCA D-8 F3A Champion 2018

- Assistant NW IMAC Regional Director

- Board member and webmaster for the Rogue Eagles RC club in Medford, OR