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Primo Rivera

Hello, my name is Primo Rivera; I live in

Grovetown Ga just 20 minutes from Augusta National. I have an amazing supporting family; I am so blessed to have them. I started flying RC planes in Puerto Rico 30 years ago; during that time, I have made many many friends thru the years and continue to do so. I love sharing my knowledge with anyone who needs help.  I am currently the Regional Director for IMAC in the South East. I have been competing in IMAC (International Miniature Aerobatic Club) the last twelve years finishing at the top in may events.  Besides precision aerobatics, I love sports flying and some 3D, hope to get in to jets soon.

I must say, I am very proud to have this opportunity. JR PROPO is the best there is period, their commitment to provide great products is always present.

I plan to make as many fly-ins as I can so if you see me around please come say hello.

Thank You


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