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Kyle Mathew

Being apart of Team JRPROPO has been dream of mine since 2000 watching Mike Sauls flying a noon demo at a local event in Texas. Starting at an early age flying has consistently been a passion of mine. Flying 23 years, starting at the age of 8, I have enjoyed many aspects of the hobby such as Giant Scale aerobatics, 3D flying and 3D Helicopters. JRPROPO equipment has always been in my stable as the most reliable equipment on market even dating back to when i started flying RC. I look forward to many  more years on the team expanding my knowledge base and providing assistance to other JRPROPO users. A very special thank you to Jun Sawamura, Mooney Takamura, Tomohisa Konishi and Frank Noll for the opportunity to represent JRPROPO. See you at the field and events.

Kyle Rickaway

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