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Danny Coe

My background is actually in professional motorcycle roadracing, with my past racing involvement stemming from 1982 thru my retirement in 1990. Past racing experiences include competing in the AMA’s USA 250cc Lightweight GP series (1982-1990), as well as entries in three FIM World Championship 250cc GP’s, along with one entry in the 1990 Suzuka 8rh FIM endurance event in Japan. Following my decision to retire from racing, I continued as a race tuner and mechanic for several top riders, all while extending my motorcycling vocation as a magazine tester and journalist. My various m/c affiliations include Cycle Magazine, Motorcycle Consumer News, Cycle Canada, Performance Bike (UK), Popular Mechanics, Robb Report, Ultimate Motorcycling and In addition I worked with YMUS, Yamaha’s testing department, as well as action modeling for American Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha.

The switch for me to R/C came around 2000 starting with slope ships, starting with 60” sailplanes and eventually larger and faster slope ships. By 2004 I discovered Pylon, introduced by a friend and modeler Larry Laulom. Larry was a key mentor and although Larry has retired from competition, we still speak on a regular basis. Given my competitive past, the switch to competition in RC pylon was a natural evolution as I’ve found that RC pylon shares many of the attributes I loved in roadracing motorcycles, yet without the obvious expense and danger.

Currently I compete exclusively in R/C pylon (424, 426 and 422) and try to attend as many race events as possible. My results have varied but in 2017 I finished second overall in the NMPRA’s points series for both 426 and 422 classes. This year I remain in the NMPRA’s top five positions for the 426 class, however their point tally’s still have not concluded for the 2019 year series.

I’m super happy with my JR radio equipment and couldn’t be more pleased with the support from DFA and JR PROPO!!

Thanks again,

Danny Coe AMA     9785 NMPRA   42c


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